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Apa itu Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform (WOMBAT)?. Semua informasi tentang Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform

Launched in 2019 by a team based in Berlin, Germany, Wombat is a Web 3 Gaming Platform and is the only app a gamer needs to discover & play high-quality Web 3 games and to access & interact with NFTs on all major blockchains.

Wombat empowers gamers to participate in the virtual economy, monetize playing time & achievements and adds a social dimension to gaming NFTs ownership.
Wombat adapts proven Web 2 practices for Web 3 and elevates blockchain gaming to its inclusive, interconnected, user-friendly and social form.

The overall goal for the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform is to become a social gaming experience ("The Wombatverse") based upon gaming NFTs. In this Wombatverse users can act and react on NFTs they or their friends own and transact with, customize what their avatars and their apps look like and share their own gaming successes and advances with the outside world.

With the rise of interest in play-to-earn games, there is still a lack of easy onboarding and game discovery solutions for everyday players. Wombat is the place that brings millions of gamers from Web 2 into Web 3 by offering the smoothest NFT experience at the nexus of both worlds.

## **NFTs allow gamers to express their unique identity**

Wombat will be a place to celebrate and share one’s achievements & progress, as well as to follow friend’s activities in a Wombatverse live feed environment.
#### **Social bonds**
Wombat forms social bonds by users being able to find and follow each other, incl. game and NFT activities.
#### **Self-expression**
Give every gamer a stage to showcase NFTs and show off their gaming skills, collections, talents — everything that makes them who they are.
#### **Interoperability**
Tear down boundaries between games on an economical and social level.

## **Discover & rate games**
Discover games, assets & friends and play and rate games together with the game community.

## **Open Platform**
All Web 2 gaming platforms as well as the majority of Web 3 gaming platforms like Steam, Epic Store, Mythical or Gala Games are built as closed ecosystems (by using proprietary technologies, APIs, private blockchains or not allowing access to private keys). In contrast, Wombat has been designed and works in an open manner, making it the only Web 3 Gaming Platform with both a huge user base and full access to Web 3 interoperability. This means gamers are able to:
[1] Access and play any open Web 3 game ecosystems they want
[2] Trade NFTs on marketplaces they choose
[3] Export their private keys to keep custody of their own game assets.

## **Benefit for Gamers**
Wombat makes a perfect gateway to Web 3 for gamers. Compared to other solutions in the space, Wombat is at advantage thanks to:
#### **Smooth onboarding**
Smoothest onboarding into Web 3, drawing from the best proven UX practices. It feels familiar, costs nothing and allows gamers to discover curated content right off the bat.
#### **All games in one App**
With Wombat, players have access to a strong lineup of fun high-quality games. On a meta-level, even using Wombat itself feels like playing, thanks to streamlined gamification.
#### **Multi-dimensional game experiences**
Wombat enables players to take their achievements and prized loot beyond a specific game. With several reward and utility layers enabled by Dungeon Master, Womplay or the $WOMBAT token, no game truly ever ends.

## **Benefit for Game Creators**
#### **Wombat provides traction**
Games can get promoted on Wombat and therefore get exposure to a massive initial user base. Due to its traction, Wombat can guarantee tens of thousands players in the first weeks after listing.
#### **Auxiliary services**
Wombat provides additional services incl. FIAT on/off ramp, NFT trading on own and third party marketplaces with whitelabel-caperbilities, token swap & wallet backup, NFT Creation Tools for creators, influencers and distributors to mint their own NFTs and a Wombat Portal to self-administer game listings.
#### **Additional utility**
Wombat offers additional utility to partner NFTs through our array of products and services. Most notably, partner game NFTs can become stakeable within Dungeon Master.

## **$WOMBAT Token Utility**
The $WOMBAT token is a multi-chain utility token that plays an important role in the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform for both gamers as well as game creators and offers multilayered platform utility in an existing and rapidly growing gaming ecosystem from the first day.

Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform WOMBAT icon symbol

Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform (WOMBAT) is a token issued on blockchain of Ethereum

Situs web: https://www.wombat.app/

Dokumentasi teknis:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/adoptwombat

Mengobrol: https://discord.com/invite/wombatgamers

Papan pesan: https://medium.com/wombat

Pengumuman: https://medium.com/wombat/apply-for-a-wombat-ido-allowlist-spot-d8d194adcead

Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform Penjelajah:

Wombat Web 3 Gaming PlatformWombat Web 3 Gaming Platform market

1 WOMBAT = 0,011568160799871 USD (-9.99%)
1 WOMBAT: ≈ 172 Rp
Kapitalisasi pasar:N/A
Volume (24h):606.846 USD
Pasokan yang beredar:Tidak tersedia
Total pasokan: WOMBAT
Peringkat Marketcap:3145 / 10837

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