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Apa itu AlgOil (AGOLP)?. Semua informasi tentang AlgOil

lgae Farm® disruptive intellectual property and technology includes systems and processes that continuously produce high yield, reliable, predictable, scalable and sustainable algae biomass in an indoor climate-controlled environment. The biomass has “algae” oil intact. This oil contains chemicals such as EPA, DHA, and others that can be used as a contributory part of high-value algae-derived products such as Omega3 based nutraceuticals.

Our mission is to be a reliable supply source to their end-user, the manufacturer, of these products and in some cases services.

The purpose of this project is to commercialize the related Algae Farm® intellectual property and technology.

Reasons to participate in Algae Farm® IEO
• This IEO is backed with Algae Farm® disruptive intellectual property and technology assets that have been valued at US $52.1M in 2018 by an independent third party
• Richard M. Berman, founder, principal and President, has contributed more than US $1.7M to the enterprise since 2009
• Algae biomass and oil are consumed daily and globally in all food forms; fish, meat, milk, chicken, anti-oxidants, nutritional supplements (Omega3). You consumed a form of algae today, didn’t you?
• Global algae contributory market stood at US $ 9.9 billion in 2018. Projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 7% during 2019 – 2024 to reach US $ 14.99 billion by 2024

AlgOil AGOLP icon symbol

Situs web: https://www.algaefarm.us

Obrolan: https://t.me/algaefarmofficial

AlgOil Penjelajah:

AlgOilAlgOil market

1 AGOLP = 9,18988935E-6 USD (-11.31%)
1 AGOLP: ≈ 0 Rp
Volume (24h):4.317 USD
Suplai yang beredar:Tidak tersedia
Total pasokan: AGOLP
Peringkat Marketcap:3917 / 4880

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